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As a divine channel, energy & sound healer, embodied oracle, and quantum activator, I provide a variety of offerings that have been designed intentionally to help you take a quantum leap into the next level of your Soul's expression.

My passion lies in healing the inner landscape & unlocking our deepest truths in order for us to better understand what we have come here to create and contribute to the world.
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Working with me is guaranteed to kick-start a profound shift within you as we begin to address all areas of your life, health and spiritual well-being in a balanced, positive, and productive manner.

Using a combination of techniques tailored to your specific needs, I will support you in any and all areas where you feel out of alignment so that you can begin (r)evolutionizing your life and awaken to your fullest potential.

I have a number of options available that are designed to help you kick off your healing journey and receive the most impact from our relationship. Please feel free to feel into each in order to find an option that will serve you best.

I am here for you - if you have any questions, never hesitate to contact me or book your FREE 30 minute discovery call to learn how I can best support your needs.

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Channeled Energy Readings

As a Divine channel & medium, I am able to tap into the pattern of your unique energetic frequency - gaining deeper insight about who you are and what keeps you from living a radiant & connected life. I also embody a deep connection with Source frequency, channeling Divine wisdom & Love from the Most High in order to give rise to a new state of Consciousness within you - shifting your current paradigm of existence in support of your next evolution.

● Receive intuitively channeled guidance & insight specific to your unique life experience
● Akashic record reading, Soul retrieval & past life regression
● Gain clarity regarding life, health, relationships, purpose etc.
● Connect with Divine Source Consciousness, your Higher Self, your spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, & ancestors
● Communicate with loved ones - past or present
● Activate your inherent psychic & intuitive awareness


Channeled Energy Reading

1 hour

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Shamanic Energy Healing & Sound Medicine

As an intuitive sound healer, divine channel and energy worker, I use a combination of shamanic energy healing practices, vibrational toning, elemental medicine, light language, light code attunement, healing song & the support of the Divine to attune the energy in your field. This is useful for unlocking trapped emotions or trauma, targeting illness or disease, activating new levels of ascension, and returning the body back to a more harmonic frequency. 

Shamanic Energy Healing & Sound Medicine

1 hour

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90 Minute Emotional Healing Intensive

Have you been feeling heavy in your body? Unmotivated? Uninspired? Stuck or stagnant? This session is designed for YOU.
  • Dive deep into the process of releasing trapped emotions - once & for all!
  • Explore what it is that keeps you from living the life you most desire
  • Learn how to tap into the bodies intuition to trigger rapid healing & spiritual growth
  • Find personal empowerment with new & revolutionary healing practices
  • Learn how to integrate playful curiosity in order to create a safe space for true healing to occur
PLUS receive 5 days of on-going emotional support via Telegram voice & text messaging to ensure that you are fully held in your healing journey!

Emotional Healing Intensive

90 minutes + 5 days of support

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90 Minute Spiritual Advancement Intensive

Are you ready to expand your consciousness & start tapping into your inherent psychic capacity? This session is for YOU.
  • Learn how to connect more deeply to the subtle energies of the world around you
  • Begin to activate your intuitive feeling, seeing, and sensing abilities
  • Be empowered to step in to the fullness of your multi-dimensional human experience
  • Learn about accessing the astral realms, channeling, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognisance & telepathy using grounded, easy to understand language
  • Reconnect with your primal nature through the reclamation of your inner power
PLUS receive 5 days of on-going support via Telegram voice & text messaging!

Spiritual Advancement Intensive

90 minutes + 5 days of support

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Spiritual (R)evolution Mastermind

The profound conscious movement igniting 

a tsunami of collective awakening


Together we will call in a new way - to remember the Truth of who we are as sentient & psychic Beings.

Through healing initiatives within ourselves & our community, we ascend as One.

Joining our vibrant community of light workers and seekers on the path will elevate your vibration - lifting you to a whole new level of experience, healing and transformation






A 3 Gate Ascension Portal for Pychic Activation & Spiritual Embodiment


This is far more than a "program".

This is a quantum activation -  a channeled container created with the deepest intention in order to reliably, gracefully, align you to the Truth of who & what you are.

You've always felt there was something more, something deeper to be experienced here. As if some part of you were waiting to Remember.

Now is the time.

Journey with me through this 3 gate quantum portal as we call back our most ancient wisdom, returning once again to  the embodiment of our Divine blueprint & reclaiming our birthright as conscious creators on Earth.

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Alchemy of the Soul: Guided Somatic Healing Journey

This revolutionary guided meditation is designed to re-align your energy and help you to fully alchemize your inner landscape in order to experience next level freedom within.
This has been my primary healing tool on my own personal journey, and has been inspired by years of exploration into various spiritual philosophies, Vipassana meditation, modern-day scientific research, somatic healing practices, and a desire to call in a more feminine approach to Joe Dispenza's life-changing methods.
This meditation is a borderline psychedelic experience, designed specifically to take you far into the higher realms of your consciousness and to assist you in lifting your over-all vibrational frequency so that you can begin to awaken to your most pure state of Being.
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 6 Month Spiritual (R)evolution Program

Are you ready to dive deeper with me to completely transform your life? Connect with me today or click HERE to learn more.

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